To secure the image of their brands in the market companies very aggressively go for security holograms. These holographic stickers save and implicate that a product is original and belongs to a particular company. A security label is the identity of a brand and its mother company.

Companies opt for these stickers to save and maintain their identity in the market, which is full of frauds and evil-practitioners. They produce-supply the duplicate copies of the original product, and harm the originals by establishing their own market. They attack the image of the manufacturers with their low quality products. They offer great margins to the retailer for  selling their fake products. Retailers, also, get convinced with their offers, and start selling the low quality product.

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This really affects the image of the original brand. Consumers think that the company has reduced the level and the quality of the brand, and move to some other brand. In most cases in order to harm the growing business of their closest competitor, many companies start producing the fake products of their opponents. This is what we call the cut-throat competition. This way, they harm and malign their competitors and manipulate their own business.

To prevent such ill-practices, many companies have started using security holograms, which they convey to their consumers using the print and digital media. This is the safest way to prevent the business nowadays.

Security stickers are made of high level technology that creates a unique label that cannot be theft, copied or duplicated by the fakers. Moreover, these are stuck to the original product in such a way that it cannot be used after that. Transferring a hologram from one packet to another is impracticable. These are the reasons why security holograms have become so popular these days. These stickers are made after intense processes of coating, finishing and embossing. Lets know what it is that has made these labels a must for companies and manufacturers.

Customizable: These labels can be customized, and are made according to the specifications given by the company or the manufacture. These safety patches, generally, reflect the brand name, the brand logo and/or the a message (which the manufacturer want to convey to  its consumers), from different angles.

Unduplicable: These labels are made considering the high level of privacy and shield, and it is almost impossible to create the exact copy of the opted security label. These anti-counterfeit foils are made using unique images, logo and messages that can never be mimicked. These stickers are made using such technologies that convert 2 dimensional images into 3D images. It has multiple layers of images, which also makes it difficult to ape.

Security Holograms have come forward as a big help in the market that is full of counterfeits. A number of companies and brands are using this technology, which has given great results in maintaining their identities. These are safe and secured for both the companies-brands and consumers. It also lets companies maintain a bond with their customers.