Today consumerism is on peak because of cultural values and growing economy power. Even though we may say that inflation is taking toll; the fact is that peoples purchasing power increases every year. The more purchasing power means more products in the market. This growth of products in the market has resulted on an increased risk of forgery and cheating. It is commonly seen that companies or people indulged in malaise activity manufacture duplicate products of branded and renowned product in market and then sold it on cheaper price. Unfortunately, when consumers buy these products; thus, company suffers huge loss. At times these forger products often contain harmful or unhealthy substances or where made of lower quality standards than the original ones, spoiling good will of branded product and also prove harmful for customers. To save manufacturers and consumers from harmful practices, hologram stickers are proven best solution.  Sticking or producing every product with hologram sticker means giving a product unique identification, and it is impossible to copy these stickers and further forger products. This security labels continue to grow in popularity because of the advance security features, the convenience and the price of the solution.

Security hologram labels are kind of unique identification given to each product hence it is secured that that product is original. Using hologram labels not only secure the product, but it also creates goodwill of product among consumers, and consumer believes that manufacturer wants to provide only authentic goods to consumers. A hologram label actually creates a brand value for product in the market. Furthermore, it saves consumers from buying forge product and consumer feels the sense of security that his hard earner money is being spent on worth product. 

ImageSo far, we have talked about how important holographic stickers are for product but how these hologram labels become unique is all the result of efforts put in by hologram manufacturers. Security hologram manufacturers create 2D and 3D hologram stickers. Security Holograms can have Achromatic Effect, Floating Effect, Fresnel Effect, Gradient, Kinetic, Zoom, Animated CLR Image, Concealed, Effect, Letter Lens Effect, Microswitch Effect, Micro Text, Raster Effect, Nano Image and Nano Text. With the help of coherent light such as laser and electric beam the information is treated on hologram stickers and this process protect the sticker from duplication. After completion of a coherent light process, these hologram stickers undergo other processes like embossing, coating, etc. Product manufacturers also use customized hologram sticker with company information, product code, company logo, etc. There is more demand for 3D hologram label than 2D stickers as 3D hologram stickers can be seen only in special light and thus give more security to the product manufacturer.  The advance technology has helped hologram manufacturers to create more advance hologram stickers. Intertronixoffersall of this security features and can manufacture Security Holographic Stickers for your industry requirements to meet your specific needs.


In today’s world barcodes play an essential role in efficiently managing businesses and sales all over the world. They provide a flexible means to capture and share data electronically. Every character in a barcode is articulated as a series of narrow and wide bars. They have unique start and stop codes that can be scanned forward and backward with the help of barcode scanners. The barcode scanner sends a signal to the computer so that the barcode information is decoded. A diversity of barcodes exists for a wide range of applications


•    Numeric-only Barcodes – Numeric-only barcodes can encode only numbers, therefore, their name.  It includes the Universal Product Code (UPC) and is commonly used in United States and Canada. Numeric-only barcodes asset tags are used for self checking and error correction. They are usually used in retail stores, library systems and telecommunication equipment. •    Alpha-numeric Barcodes – As the same indicate, these barcodes encode both numbers and letters. Logistics Applications of Automated Marking and Reading Symbols (LOGMARS) meet the US Government specifications for tracking and data collection. It is all purpose barcode which is used worldwide. It can include a large quantity of information and is used for error reduction. Alpha-numeric barcodes are used widely in healthcare industry. •    Two-dimensional Barcodes – It is created by Universal Parcel Service in its automated package sorting system. Two-dimensional barcodes are used for material control and order confirmation. The information is stored both horizontally and vertically in the code. As they have two-dimensional information, they are often misread than traditional one-dimensional codes that store horizontal information only. To avoid misreads, 2D codes contain check words to make sure correct data transmission. They are generally used for encoding a large amount of information. •    Industry-standard Barcodes – Industry-universal barcode system is created by different industries. Own barcode system is used by many industries for example, International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is a unique eight-digit number and is used to identify an electronic periodical publication.

A lot of time is saved with the barcode tracking system. But the problem arises with all these options available, which barcode is the best way out. Today, barcode scanning has become so convenient that you can do it with the click of your phone. No complicated scanners are necessary.

The barcode quality is enormously important too. Few rules will help in barcode selection:

•    For domestic and in-house tracking system, such as inventories of equipment, a numeric-only barcode is good enough.
•    When a large amount of data is included in the barcode, a two-dimensional barcode is the best.
•    When a product is sold internationally, it should be labeled with a numeric-only barcode.
•    Some products will require an industry-specific barcode, so research will help to determine whether specific barcode exits for a given product.

In supplement to time saved in tracking down of products, barcodes provides an excellent chance to improve operations and increase income over time. With manifold layouts, barcodes can be perfect for internal and external use of any industry.

To secure the image of their brands in the market companies very aggressively go for security holograms. These holographic stickers save and implicate that a product is original and belongs to a particular company. A security label is the identity of a brand and its mother company.

Companies opt for these stickers to save and maintain their identity in the market, which is full of frauds and evil-practitioners. They produce-supply the duplicate copies of the original product, and harm the originals by establishing their own market. They attack the image of the manufacturers with their low quality products. They offer great margins to the retailer for  selling their fake products. Retailers, also, get convinced with their offers, and start selling the low quality product.

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This really affects the image of the original brand. Consumers think that the company has reduced the level and the quality of the brand, and move to some other brand. In most cases in order to harm the growing business of their closest competitor, many companies start producing the fake products of their opponents. This is what we call the cut-throat competition. This way, they harm and malign their competitors and manipulate their own business.

To prevent such ill-practices, many companies have started using security holograms, which they convey to their consumers using the print and digital media. This is the safest way to prevent the business nowadays.

Security stickers are made of high level technology that creates a unique label that cannot be theft, copied or duplicated by the fakers. Moreover, these are stuck to the original product in such a way that it cannot be used after that. Transferring a hologram from one packet to another is impracticable. These are the reasons why security holograms have become so popular these days. These stickers are made after intense processes of coating, finishing and embossing. Lets know what it is that has made these labels a must for companies and manufacturers.

Customizable: These labels can be customized, and are made according to the specifications given by the company or the manufacture. These safety patches, generally, reflect the brand name, the brand logo and/or the a message (which the manufacturer want to convey to  its consumers), from different angles.

Unduplicable: These labels are made considering the high level of privacy and shield, and it is almost impossible to create the exact copy of the opted security label. These anti-counterfeit foils are made using unique images, logo and messages that can never be mimicked. These stickers are made using such technologies that convert 2 dimensional images into 3D images. It has multiple layers of images, which also makes it difficult to ape.

Security Holograms have come forward as a big help in the market that is full of counterfeits. A number of companies and brands are using this technology, which has given great results in maintaining their identities. These are safe and secured for both the companies-brands and consumers. It also lets companies maintain a bond with their customers.

Nowadays every company is aware about its brand image, that is not only a trademark but it is reciprocates the identity of the business and the reliability that it provides to their customer. It reflects the nature and the character of the business and therefore, any problem in maintaining the brand image and reputation results in huge loss. Innovations and developments in the internet has been an advantage to brand development. Yet with adverse practices such as product, duplication and forgery results in negative brand image. It’s about keeping its value for the end-user.

Most brand protection solutions do not hold an absolute anti-counterfeiting process in it. It simply scans the internet to identify any brand and trademark infringement. Product and brand counterfeiting leads to brand corrosion along with financial losses. For example, for an opulent retail, high-tech or pharmaceutical goods company, where the margin of losses is higher, the visibility of the precise products that are being counterfeited along with the discounts are essential for being able to fight brand erosion and revenue loss. In order to help this situation solution providers have come up with product authentication solutions that provide proper enforcement services.

These top-notch product authentication solutions are aptly designed for forged detection in several industry verticals. The solution helps in detecting the violator and responding consequently. Though, the suspect criteria vary according to the kind of industry. For instance, in case of high-tech industry, products that are generally sold at higher discounts, more than 50 percent are suspects. Likewise, when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, the main criterion is the volume of goods sold through the unrecognized medium other than the price factor. The contemporary pharmaceutical authentication solutions help to find these suspects and fight against them.

The product authentication solutions from the finest companies provide the user with various benefits to ensure that the people are getting the best solutions. Many companies have found some solution to challenge the counterfeit problems and ensure that people a safe life. Not only the people are insecure due to the unhygienic products but also even the businessperson whose products are counterfeits are under threat as their brand value is diminishing day by day.

With time and tide, these problems have raised and now many companies from small to big are facing these problems. With the necessity and demand, few companies have evolved who are into providing solution to the anti-counterfeiting problems. Placing holograms, security throughcode numbers and much more are used to ensure that the products and the solutions are authentic and the people can easily get the reliable product.

The security label and tamper evident products:  stickers, seals are the best solution to anti-counterfeiting. Such labels usually can combine a variety of security features such as customization with company logo, serial number or qr and or bar code.

Product authentication solutions helps in ensuring that the products are delivered safe to the user and your brand image is secured, with a great relation between price and performance.tv1

Silver Hologram Tamper Evident Security Label Custom Void

As the name suggests, tamper evident label sticker seal is security against tampering goods. Tamper evident sticker, tamper evident labels, or security labels ensure that final consumer of goods will receive cent percent pure product as intend at manufacturing unit. There are several products in the market like electronic appliances or food items that are supplied with tamper evident sticker or label seals. The broken of these stickers indicate that good has been tampered around and already used; hence, consumer should refuse to buy such goods. From time to time, manufacturer or government ensures to aware consumer about this tamper evident labels, so consumers can take action against fraudulent activity or do not become a victim of false purchase and further dire consequences.

When goods are manufactured at factories, it takes several hours or days to reach them to final consumers. Furthermore, from factory to retail store, these goods are passed on from one to another several times and there are ample chances that many of these goods being tampered all the way, sometimes intentionally or many times unintentionally. Hence, goods which have a tampered proof label indicate customer or retailer that the good is not worth use if any harm is signaled on these security stickers.

Intertronix introduced several types of tamper evident stickers or security labels like holographic seals, custom void labels,warranty void labels, evident labels, tamper proof labels etc. These labels generally belong to two categories, destructible and indestructible vinyl. Destructible vinyl stickers are strong and made up of special adhesive; hence, if anyone tries to tamper the goods, these tamper evident labels tear into pieces and thus indicate the security about incorrect activity with goods. However, indestructible vinyl tamper evident stickers have code, mark, symbol, or seal and indicate the purity of good. These types of stickers are often used in products such as cosmetics, food, etc. If the seal is broken, one should not buy products. Market is full with different types of tamper evident stickers and manufacturer of goods can choose one of these tamper evident labels according to requirement and attribute of goods being sold.

Tamper evident stickers are need of every manufacturer and consumer because goods with tamper evident label ensure the relation of trust between consumer and seller. Tamper evident stickers in India as well as in entire world are in huge demand by manufacturers as it ensures the quality of goods. There are several ways to buy tamper evident sticker, and you can purchase these tamper evident labels online to. You can choose a security label from several available stickers that suit your product best.

Tampered evident label is one of the strong ways to connect your consumer and letting them know that you ensure to sell them only worthy good.