Today consumerism is on peak because of cultural values and growing economy power. Even though we may say that inflation is taking toll; the fact is that peoples purchasing power increases every year. The more purchasing power means more products in the market. This growth of products in the market has resulted on an increased risk of forgery and cheating. It is commonly seen that companies or people indulged in malaise activity manufacture duplicate products of branded and renowned product in market and then sold it on cheaper price. Unfortunately, when consumers buy these products; thus, company suffers huge loss. At times these forger products often contain harmful or unhealthy substances or where made of lower quality standards than the original ones, spoiling good will of branded product and also prove harmful for customers. To save manufacturers and consumers from harmful practices, hologram stickers are proven best solution.  Sticking or producing every product with hologram sticker means giving a product unique identification, and it is impossible to copy these stickers and further forger products. This security labels continue to grow in popularity because of the advance security features, the convenience and the price of the solution.

Security hologram labels are kind of unique identification given to each product hence it is secured that that product is original. Using hologram labels not only secure the product, but it also creates goodwill of product among consumers, and consumer believes that manufacturer wants to provide only authentic goods to consumers. A hologram label actually creates a brand value for product in the market. Furthermore, it saves consumers from buying forge product and consumer feels the sense of security that his hard earner money is being spent on worth product. 

ImageSo far, we have talked about how important holographic stickers are for product but how these hologram labels become unique is all the result of efforts put in by hologram manufacturers. Security hologram manufacturers create 2D and 3D hologram stickers. Security Holograms can have Achromatic Effect, Floating Effect, Fresnel Effect, Gradient, Kinetic, Zoom, Animated CLR Image, Concealed, Effect, Letter Lens Effect, Microswitch Effect, Micro Text, Raster Effect, Nano Image and Nano Text. With the help of coherent light such as laser and electric beam the information is treated on hologram stickers and this process protect the sticker from duplication. After completion of a coherent light process, these hologram stickers undergo other processes like embossing, coating, etc. Product manufacturers also use customized hologram sticker with company information, product code, company logo, etc. There is more demand for 3D hologram label than 2D stickers as 3D hologram stickers can be seen only in special light and thus give more security to the product manufacturer.  The advance technology has helped hologram manufacturers to create more advance hologram stickers. Intertronixoffersall of this security features and can manufacture Security Holographic Stickers for your industry requirements to meet your specific needs.